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The project commenced in February 2019. Council, DPIE, DHI and Rhelm staff undertook site inspections to gain an understanding of key catchment features .

Property survey was undertaken in September 2020. Surveyors collected survey of property floor levels and other features to inform the calculation of economic flood damages and to inform the comparison of various flood management options.

March 2019 - October 2020 Development of a sophisticated Hydraulic model, representing the complex interactions between catchment flooding, ground water conditions and coastal inundations. The results obtained from this model will provide valuable insight on the local flooding issues and the most effective pathways to mitigate them. 

Community consultation is being undertaken between February and March 2021. This included the mail out of an information brochure and survey, an online survey and two community information sessions. The objective of the consultation is to identify the communities key flood concerns and suggestions for flood management strategies.

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