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Community involvement is vital in this project. The community's knowledge and experiences of flooding are critical to effective flood risk management.

Previous community input

The community has provided valuable input to previous flood investigations within the Woy Woy Peninsula.

Flood Study (2010)

Questionnaire mailed to all residents in the study area

178 responses

Improved the understanding of the  community's perception of past flooding in the region.

What community input is required

As part of the Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan Council will be looking to engage with the community again to look at ways to manage the flooding problems identified in the Woy Woy Peninsula Flood Study. The community will be invited to provide Council with information on:

Flooding problems they are aware of.

Suggestions on how they would like to see these problems addressed.

Community Information Session

A series of community information sessions will be held during the project.


The first sessions are in February (details below) and are intended to provide an opportunity for the community to to find out more about the study and to share with the project team your experiences and concerns about flooding in the local area.

  • Date: Thursday, 18 February. Time: 4-7pm. Location: Country Women's Association (CWA) Hall, 30/32 The Boulevarde, Woy Woy

Community questionnaire

A community questionnaire will be sent to all properties within the study area. It can be completed by return mail or online by clicking here.

A copy of the questionnaire that was sent out can be downloaded here.

Responses should be provided by 5pm, 12 March 2021.

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